Laundry Love:

Every quarter makes a difference in someone's life!
Every quarter makes a difference in someone's life!

The Struggle is Real

When it's tough to make ends meet, something's got to give! Often that ends up being laundry, but clean clothes provide so many benefits that we don't want anyone to go without.

Partner Laundromats

We wanted to help, but we couldn't do it without great facilities. WaveMAX Laundry and The Wash House have graciously offered us a home with lots of space for us to hang out together!

One Quarter at a Time

Want to get involved? We welcome new volunteers to the team, and we can always use donations. Every quarter you donate makes a difference in someone's life!

Nobody likes laundry. Some just wish they could do it at all.

Laundry Love: Knoxville is a program operated by Neighboring Knoxville, designed to ease the burden of laundry care for struggling families. While many of us take laundry for granted, clean clothes can make a world of difference for adults seeking employment and kids attending school. We want to share our time and resources to provide our neighbors with a boost of confidence that clean clothing can deliver.

We host two free laundry events each month, one from 5-8 PM on the first Tuesday at The Wash House Laundry Center (8035 Kingston Pike) and the other from 5-8 PM on the third Thursday at WaveMAX Laundry (5210 Schubert Rd). We'll provide the quarters, detergent, and fabric softener for up to 3 loads of washing and drying per family.

Our events are more than just doing laundry--we provide a light meal, fun activities for the kids, and friendly conversation while the laundry tumbles. You can join us for our next event, volunteer to help out, or donate money or supplies to help brighten the lives of our neighbors.

Laundry Love: Knoxville is a community effort!

Like what we're doing? The only way we can make this a sustained effort is to have the Knoxville community behind us. That means people volunteering to work the events; that means families skipping a night out to sponsor a struggling family's laundry; that means businesses donating food, supplies, and cash to support their neighbors.

To make a monetary donation, visit our Donate page where you can securely contribute with your PayPal account or credit/debit card. If you're a business who would like to sponsor a month's event or provide supplies you think we could use, please contact us. If you're a service provider (hair stylist, performer, etc.) who's interested in joining us for an event, let us know. Together we can make a difference!

Starting three days prior to each event, you can register online to reserve your spot and reduce your wait! To be notified when pre-registration opens, subscribe to our mailing list.
Support us by shopping with your Kroger Plus Card! Log into your Kroger account and choose "Neighboring Knoxville - Laundry Love" as your Community Rewards organization.
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