Every quarter makes a difference in someone's life!
Every quarter makes a difference in someone's life!

Reserve your spot at the next Laundry Love event!

Want to reduce your wait time at the next Laundry Love event? Pre-register to reserve a spot in the middle of our event.

  • Guests who pre-register will be added to the top of the list when we begin our second round of washing around 6:15.
  • Arrive between 6:15 and 7:00, and we should be able to get you into open washers with very little wait.
  • If you haven't arrived by 7:00, we'll assume you're not coming and release your spot for other waiting guests.
  • Pre-registering guarantees you a spot in line, not a specific time. You may still have a wait, but it should be shorter.
  • The first 20 spots of the night are still first come, first served. They're usually filled by 5:30, so arrive early for those.

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If you are not pre-registered, you can still arrive between
5:00 and 7:30 to claim the next available spot in line.

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